Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 26/02/09

Cats – Stripe was much better this morning but is still limping. The young ferral cat was around at feeding time tonight. I think my five cats are a little intimidated by the ferral cat. Fluffy really doesn’t tolerate Stripe so he has to keep his head down. I make sure that stripe gets plenty to eat without interruption.

Cattle – My father in law is wondering whether the cattle may have fluke as some of the cows and the calves born recently are smaller than they should be and one of the cows has fluid under her chin. We have got some medication to inject the cattle with.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs today.

Guinea Fowl – The female guinea fowl are beginning to scratch out the ground to make holes in the ground where they will lay their first eggs of the season.

Guinea Pig – My guinea pig is a male guinea pig.

Hens – Got two hen eggs today and one was broken in the hut. One egg was laid in the hut and one in the old duckhut.

Pigs – Weighed the boars today and they are 120lbs and 140lbs so we have booked them in for next week.

Quail – The quail got new grit in their trays tonight and some of the birds dashed across to have a peck at the grit and some will no doubt try to dust bathe in it.

Other farm Activities – Steve has been digging today and looking at how to control the number of rabbits on the land. Terry has been to get medication for fluke.