Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 28/02/09

Farming Friends is really getting into the social networking scene as I have just set up a twitter account so that I can let everyone know what I am doing in short, sharp sentences, so if you have a twitter account or want to join in so you can follow farmingfriends on twitter then click on the link. 

So what’s been happening on the farmingfriends farm today?…….

Cats –  Stripe is holding his left front paw up today but he looks much better. The cats definately don’t like the cat biscuits I bought yesterday.

Cattle – The farmer’s injected one of the cows for fluke today and then tagged the calf and put them back in the fold yard.

Ducks – Collected 6 very clean duck eggs this morning. Took an order for 6 Khaki Campbell duck eggs for hatching. Tonight in the hut one of the ducks seemed to be limping a bit.

Guinea Fowl – I have located three potential nest sites for the guinea fowl when they start laying. I have some old guinea fowl eggs that I have found so I am going to mark them with a waterproof pen and then put them in the nest sites.

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness some carrot and cauliflower.

Hens – Got three hen eggs in the hut this morning and no evidence of any broken eggs. Two of the hens have runny droppings and are not looking very lively. I will keep an eye on them.

Pigs – Gave the pigs lots of clumps of grass from the fodder beet pile and they are enjoying rooting through them for bits of fodder beet.

Quail – The quail love the fresh straw from yesterday and have made plenty of nests in the new straw.

Other farming activities – Steve got the sprayer ready for the spraying to be done next week.

See you back here tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Candylei,
    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting and being so complimentary. Living in the countryside is great, seeing and hearing all the wildlife and nature around us, you can’t beat it!
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

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