How To Weigh Pigs

I am lucky enough to have a pig weigh on the farm that the pigs can walk into and a gate can be closed and then the pig’s weight can be measured before the pig exits via a second gate at the front of the weigh.

If you don’t have a weigh to measure your pigs weight then I believe that you can measure the length and the girth of your pigs and then work out their weight.

First you measure the pigs length in inches from between the ears to the root of the tail.
Secondly you measure the girth in inches by measuring around the shoulders up against the front legs.
Then you multiply the length measurement by the girth measurement and divide by 12 if it is a lean pig, 11 if a medium pig and 10 if a fat pig. The answer is the weight in pounds.

Written down this sounds easy, so lets hope that you can get your pigs to stand still long enough to be measured. Mine would have to be measured whilst they are eating so that they are stood still! Fortunately I have a pig weigh. Phew, although it isn’t always easy getting them in the weigh!!!

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