Jackanory Style Story Telling – Farmernory Story 1

Do you remember jackanory from your childhood days? Well Jackanory was a children’s programme in which a story was read aloud to the viewing children. I loved this programme and as I had a few farming stories thought that I would bring to you “Farmernory.”

So if you are sitting comfortably let the first farmernory story from the farmyard begin…..The story is called Nature Waits For No Man Not Even A Camera Man Part 1.

Click on the video to listen to the story.

I hope you enjoyed this farmernory story from the farm yard. If you wouldlike to read the story yourself then click on this link. Nature Waits For No Man, Not Even A Camera Man Part 1

6 thoughts on “Jackanory Style Story Telling – Farmernory Story 1”

  1. Hi Nikkipolani, Good to hear from you. Am now following you on twitter.
    Birds are so difficult to catch on camera -I got some footage of a barn owl flying in the field then made a human error and deleted the video by mistake!
    Glad you liked the story.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Oh, Sara, I enjoyed seeing and hearing you tell the story — isn’t that the way with cameras and actions. I was trying to help my roomie with a short video clip of some birds in a tree. Do you think I could catch any of them flitting about in the tree? Of course not.

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