Snow Stops Play, Poultry Play!

Late this morning it started to snow and the snow began to settle pretty quickly. My poultry were out free ranging and I knew that my guinea fowl would not like snow and would eventually fly up into the trees to roost so that they didn’t have to walk in thick snow. So I dashed out to round up the flocks of guinea fowl, hens and ducks. Half the guinea fowl were sheltering in the heifer barn with alot of the hens and the ducks were in the veg garden hunting for snails! I managed to herd this group to the hut which went well, although once in the hut the ducks wanted out again. Hatty was sitting on the edge of the trough in the heifer barn and she let me lift her off and carry her all the way to the hut. I love it when the animals allow you to get close to them – a wonderful feeling to know that they trust you.

Then I had to do a head count. There were 4 hens and 14 guinea fowl missing. I could hear the guinea fowl and they were in the feeding passage of the fold yard but they didn’t want to step onto the snow so I slowly drove them towards the hut. The hens were in another barn and they were herded up easily with the guinea fowl gang and off we all went to the hut.

I thought that the snow would stop this afternoon but it has continued till early evening. I wonder wether it will snow in the night . The poultry will be hoping that it doesn’t as they won’t want the snow to stop play, poultry play again tomorrow.