Why Do Quail Move And Crack Their Eggs?

I received an interesting comment enquiring why quail move and crack their eggs.

My quail have recently laid eggs. but they seem to move the eggs around and most of them cracks. what should I do. I surpose to have 5 eggs but the quail have crack 3 of them. what is happening? Carrie.

Hi Carrie,
Welcome to farmingfriends and thanks fo your comment. Pleased to hear that your quail are laying. They move the eggs as they are turning the eggs. I would try to make a nest. From experience my quail like to lay eggs in an indent in the soil and straw.
The eggs maybe cracking the eggs as the shells might be fragile and the quail may need more grit and oyster shell.
Quail also have a bad habit of egg eating so they will try to crack the eggs. One way to try to solve this is to add pebbles in te shape of their eggs to the nest which will put them off trying to crack the eggs. Also removing the eggs as soon as possible after lay will allieviate this problem unless you want them to sit on the eggs themselves.
Hope this helps.
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Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends
What do you do to try to stop your quail from cracking their egg?

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Quail Move And Crack Their Eggs?”

  1. Hi Susie,
    I have found that sometimes my quail will move or roll the eggs to a different area as they try to turn them, although they don’t go that far. If your quail are out in the open then another bird could have taken them or as you say your dog.
    Quail are also prone to egg eating so they could have broken the eggs and eaten them but this depneds on how many eggs there were. I don’t think they would eat all of them and then you would see the shells of some of them. If they have disappeared altogther it is more than likely a predator such as another bird, eg magpis, rooks or crow or could be rats or other vermin or as you say your dog!
    I hope that the eggs have just rolled into another nest and not been taken and eaten.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Can quails move their eggs to another area or nest? From one morning to the evening – they all disappeared. Do the quails move them or did my dogs eat them?

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