Aggression In Drakes

I have been asked a couple of times about dealing with aggression in drakes.

I am looking for advice or suggestions! We have just acquired three ducks and the drake has now started to act very aggressively towards my chickens. We have tried segregating him, but he is getting worse; any suggestions???

Hi Denise,

Thanks for visiting farmingfriends and sending your comment. I am sorry to hear that your drake has become agressive. I don’t have any experience of agression in drakes myself as my drake (Sir Francis Drake!) has 6 ducks to keep him in check and he mixes well with 29 guinea fowl and 10 hens, so I am very lucky.

I do have a farmingfriends forum and when I first set it up I had a member who had a viscious drake which you can read about here

I have picked out some of the notes from the forum that might be useful:

Sometimes aggression in animals is a sign that they are not well so your drake may need checking out by a Vet. You could phone your local vet and describe your drake’s behaviour and they may be able to help or they may suggest bringing him in so that they can look at him.

I was wondering if it has anything to do with mating as I have read that male birds can get aggressive through the mating season. Maybe he is warning the hens to stay away. You say that you have segragated him but have you put the drake and ducks in an area where the hens can’t go so he is able to mate without being disturbed?

Sometimes adding extra ducks to the group can sort out aggression.
I hope that you get sorted with your drake and find the forum info useful. Let me know
how you get on.

Kind regards

Sara @ farmingfriends

Do you have any experience of dealing with aggression in drakes, if so please leave a comment as I am sure Denise would find any tips or ideas useful.

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