Aviary Cleaning & Red Mites – Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 21/03/09

Well what a beautiful day it has been, the sun has been shinging and it’s like a Summer’s day. It has also been another busy day on the farm.

Cats – Spots limp seems ok but he is now sneezing like Fluffy was. I hope they haven’t caught anything from the ferral cat or got a cold!

Cattle – We have another calf showing signs of pneumonia, which is being treated, so fingers crossed for the poorly calf.

Ducks – Got another 6 duck eggs today. The ducks have been lazing in the shade today, what a life!

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl have taken to walking the length of the field hedgerow every morning and then up the lane in the afternoon before returning to the paddock and then their hut.

Guinea Pig – I put Guiness in the Summer run today on the grass and he enjoyed nibbling the grass in the sunshine. Whilst he was out of his hut I took the opportunity to clean his hut out and then move it to the quail aviary. He didn’t seem phased when I put him back in the hut in the aviary!

Hens – Got a couple of hen eggs today. I added some fresh straw to the poultry hut and cleared some straw out of the hut and noticed that there were some red mites so I have sprinkled lice powder in the hut.

Pigs – Still no piglets, but the feeding, watering and mucking out of the pigs twice daily still goes on!

Quail – Cleaned out the aviary and put fresh sawdust in. The quail were not phased at all by the addition of the guinea pig hut in their aviary. I have noticed that the males are leaving foamball droppings which signifies the start of the mating season for the quail which is good as I have some friends who would like some quail chicks for their grandaughter.

Other Farming Activities – Ploughing and drilling still going on.