Calving In The Night – Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 22/03/09

Well Sunday started early for Steve and I today as we were arriving home from a meal at friends at about 1am this morning when I went out to check the pigs only to find a cow was beginning to calve. We managed to get the cow in the calving pen and after a struggle to get the ropes on the calves feet we managed to calve the cow. I am getting good at holding the calving stick. Fortunately the pigs didn’t farrow so we headed to bed about 3 am.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there!

I cut some lovely daffodils for my mum and my sister before Ispent the day with the family having a lovely meal.

So what’s been happening on the farm.

Cats – Spot is unwell and sneezing quite abit.

Cattle – The calf is doing well. Got some heifers into a pen for easy laoding in the monring as they will be going to market.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning as usual. The ducks enjoy lounging about in the orchard.

Guinea Fowl – Diana, the pearl guinea fowl hen and one of the other guinea fowl have stared to loiter in the nesting areas that the guinea fowl are digging out. Hopefully guinea fowl eggs will soon be here.

Guinea Pig – Guiness seems to be ok in the aviary although I haven’t let him have a run about just yet as I wanted to get him settled in the environment first before introducing him to the quail!

Hens – All the hens are well and I got 3 eggs today.

Pigs – No piglets just yet although the sows are beginning to get more milk.

Quail – The quail in the big barn are all doing well and one of the quail hens with a bad prolapse which I had kept in the nursing cage so that the others didn’t nibble and cut the quail is now better and back with the others.

Other FArming Activities – Lots of DVDs sold today and ploughing and drilling still going on.

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