Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 01/03/09

Well a busy day on the farm today.

Cats – Stripe can’t seem to put his front right paw down when he is walking at the moment. I hope it isn’t broken. He will let me touch it but I can’t see underneath. The cats are still not too keen on the new cat biscuits – that was £18 well spent!!!

Cattle – The bull has gone into the calving pen as some of the cows are in bulling and this makes it a little dangerous for the new calves so keeping the bull out the way allows the calves to settle into life in the fold yard without getting bumped when a cow is in bulling and the bull is serving her.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs as usual.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl are beginning to separate into their groups during the day, another sign that the guinea fowl hens will soon be laying.

Guinea Pig – I have left a question on the forum about whether guinea pigs can be put in an aviary with quail. The other day a forum member, Isabelle, wanted to know if she could do this and if there was any legislation about selling the eggs if guinea pigs have been in the same hut. I have given Isabelle the Egg Marketing Inspectorate telephone number and she is going to find out what the legislation is, so watch the farmingfriends forum for the answer.

Hens – Got two hen eggs nd Hatty laid an egg yesterday which I collected this morning from the top of the mill, her second egg of the laying season. Two of the hens are under the weather, they have yellowy droppings. I have added a dose of verm-x to their water tonight to treat them for worms.

Pigs – Have cleaned out the farrowing barn today. I just need to power-wash the the floor, so all set for the farrowing, well just about. Completely mucked out the nine young pigs barn today and they now have fresh straw which is great as it is the last night with the two young boars. Tomorrow we load them for the abattoir.

Quail – One of the quail had died when I went in this morning. Have refilled their drinkers and feeders.

Other Farming Activities – Steve has been muck spreading today and rabbiting.

5 thoughts on “Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 01/03/09”

  1. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Thank you for your kind words about the quailand Stripe. The beautiufl quail are so susceptible to illness with their wee little bodies working so hard to produce their beautiful eggs. Stripe is becoming more mobile although he is still not appling pressure to his front leg.
    Will keep you posted.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Hi Nikkipolani,
    Glad you have found time to visit as I have missed you comments.
    I’m glad you like this format.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  3. Sara, I haven’t been visiting for a while and have been catching up with your posts. There’s always so much going on here — I like your update format.

  4. Sorry about your quail passing away. I have also been worming hens, the new girls have passed dead (wormer worked then) adult large roundworm in their droppings. Had a few yellow poos today but nothing concerning. I may send a sample off to Retfords for investigation, purely because of where they have come from.

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