Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 02/03/09

Phew it’s been a busy old day for me here on the farm as I had two boars going to the abattoir and then I had a quail with blood on it’s neck, a quail who had a prolapse and a poorly hen. I also had to source and then clean 4 meat trays to go to the butchers for the meat from my pigs and send 6 duck eggs for hatching in the post plus all the usual day to day jobs.
So what’s been happening with all the livestock on the farm?

Cats – Although Stripe is still limping, he made it to the back door today and then wandered around the farm and back to the cat’s feeding area. I did notice this afternoon that all five of my cats were happily snoozing together on the bales so Fluffy and stripe are not always not friends.

Cattle – Terry was debating this morning whether to sell any more heifers and asked our friend Des which he thought were ready. Prices for cattle are good at the moment. Stores are making £2.40 a kilo or so I was told.

Ducks – Yes 6 duck eggs again today. Got the duck eggs packaged up for the post.

Guinea Fowl – Got an egg tonight in the pultry hut that was laid late this afternoon and can’t tell if it’s a large guinea egg or a small hen egg as it has a pale shell like the guinea fowl egg but it is very large, although maybe if it is the first guinea fowl egg of the season it may be large?

Guinea Pig – Wondering whether to get another guinea pig as a companion for Guiness but have had him for 4 years and wondring if he will settle to another guinea pig.

Hens – Got two hens that are under the weather. Polly has a lot of droppings stuck to her feathers so I had a go at washing them off today. She didn’t like it but it has cleaned up her feathers so hopefully she will feel better. Gave the poultry their second dose of Verm-x as it is a 3 day course.

Pigs – The two boars went to the abattoir this afternoon. They loaded really well. I am always sad when my animals go but the lads had a good life. Was told by friends that our belly pork is tastier than a certain supermarkets. Hurrah for rare breed pork.

Quail – It’s all been happening in the quail hut today. One of the quail had a bloody neck so I got the hospital cage ready and put her in there until the blood has dried up. birds have a tendency to attack others, the blood seems to attract them. The quail was better tonight. Another quail had a prolapse so I have sorted this and hope that it doesn’t come back out and Ialso hope that the vent area has not got infected as this can lead to death.

Other Farm Activites – Collecting tillage and fixing sprayer.