Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 05/03/09

Well the days seem to be busy here on the farm for me at the moment.

Cats – Stripe is limping but well in himself. The ginger ferral cat is about at the moment and really spooks out my cats when it comes around.

Cattle – All well with the cattle at the moment. The bull is still separate from the cows.

Ducks – Have a rush on duck eggs for hatching at the moment. They seem very popular. Sent out 18 eggs today.

Guinea Fowl – Heard the sound that the guinea fowl hen makes when she lays an egg but haven’t seen any eggs yet, but it definately won’t be long.

Guinea Pig – Guiness enjoys eating cauliflower.

Hens – Hatty has laid her third egg of the season on top of the mill. One of the hens as droppings on her feathers near her vent. I need to wash her but don’t want to make her worse and she moves about when I try to get close to her. One of the hens was looking abit droopy and I picked her up and she vomited fluid. I am not sure why this has happened.

Pigs – I am making pork brawn today using the heads and trotters of the two boars that went to slaughter on Monday. Steve milled some barley for me and mixed in concentrate and then I bagged it off from the mill.

Quail – I have two quail in a sick pen as one had been feather picked on her throat and was bleeding and the other had had a prolapse and her vent area was bleeding. I have separated them from the others so that the others don’t attack them.

Other Farming Activities – Spreading tillage, spraying crops and milling barley for the cattle.