Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 06/03/09

Another busy day on the farm and the pork brawn I made yesterday was delicious as I had it with toast….yum,yum!

Cats – The cats have enjoyed some of the fatty meat that I didn’t use for the brawn. Stripe still limping and not using his paw. Doesn’t look like he has anything in his paw. Going to take him to the vets.

Cattle – The calves born recently are bounding about in the fold yard.

Ducks – Another 6 duck eggs laid today. Watching the ducks throughout the day, they seem to walk along way!

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl are getting into groups during the day.

Guinea Pig – Guiness needs his claws clipping soon.

Hens – Two of the hens are still poorly. I don’t think one will last the night and the other was carried back to the hut tonight. Got two hen eggs in the hut today.

Pigs – The sows are beginning to bag up, so it won’t belong before they farrow. The pork brawn finished cooking last night and we had some for lunch which was delicious.

Quail – The two quail in the nursing cage had managed to get out of the cage tonight. I had left the door ajar by accident so they had got out. I will be keeping an eye on them to check that they are not bleeding again. Delivered quail eggs to the Star @ Sancton this morning and the owner had watched me on Ready Steady Cook.

Other Farming Activities – More tillage spreading and cleaning out the grain bins.