Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 07/03/09

Cats – The cats are still not keen on the cat biscuits. Stripe is still limping, vets here we come on Monday!

Cattle – One of the charolais cows had a cow unaided this lunchtime.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs today. One of the ducks climbed the steps and had a swim in the new pond. You could see that the duck wasn’t sure how she was going to get out, but she did!

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl did not want to come in tonight and a couple of them flew up onto the bales and were calling out because the fodder beet feeder was in the barn that they wanted to walk through!

Guinea Pig – Isabelle, one of my farmingfriends forum readers has been in touch with the Scottish Egg Marketing Inspectorate and has found out that  Guinea Pigs and quail can mix, so I am thinking of putting my guinea pig hutch into the aviary with thirteen quail.

Hens – One of the sick hens, with the droppings near her vent, had passed away this morning. The hens were old when I got them. Got one hen egg in the hut today.

Pigs – Lacy’s teats are beginning to hang down and fill up with milk. Cagney seemed to have a leg sticking out in her tummy as there was a lump sticking out.

Quail – The quail are enjoying the fresh straw in their hut.

Other Farming Activities – Spreading potash today.