Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 09/03/09

Cats – All the cats were eating together and being friendly to one another today. The ferral cat hasn’t been around for a few days.

Cattle – Farmer Terry took the heifers to market today and unfortunately the price of beef has dropped.

Ducks – The ducks enjoy running about all day. Got 6 duck eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – At lunch time I went to the kitchen to make my lunch and looked out the window to see a guinea fowl standing on the roof of Farmer Ian’s van and one on top of the dustbin. I took a photo of them and then they flew down!

Guinea Pig – I am hoping to move the guinea pig hut tomorrow.

Hens – Got two hen eggs this morning and one was broken. One of the hens is not too well. They are older hens and some of them are dashing about and laying eggs well and others are showing their age unfortunately.

Pigs – My mother and father in law said that the liver I gave them was delicious. Cagney and Lacy may farrow soon so I am going to go and check them before bedtime.

Quail – Got 30 eggs tonight from the quail hut and took an order for quail eggs from Langlands farmshop which I will deliver tomorrow.

Other Farming Activities – Farmer Steve and Farmer Ian went to a meeting this morning about use of chemicals. This afternoon Farmer Steve was digging a dyke. Farmer Terry went to market with 3 heifers this morning and then sawed logs this afternoon.