Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 12/03/09

Another busy day here on the farm, what with egg bound quail and pigs looking like farrowing, it’s all go!

Cats – The ferral cat was around today and looked like he had hurt his eye, poor thing. Stripe is putting his paw down more which is good news. He came and sat on my lap this afternoon and Spot came for a friendly nose rub!

Cattle – Am watching out for one of the black cows calving.

Ducks – The ducks seemed to be chased by the guinea fowl in the hut tonight but then they all settled down. Got 6 duck eggs again.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl are heading back to the hut later now so I can put them away between 3.30pm and 4pm.

Guinea Pig – I haven’t moved Guiness yet as he lives close to the back door and I think I will miss him calling out when I open the door and also I want to move him early in the morning so that I can keep an eye on how the 13 quail in the aviary react to the guinea pig hut going into their aviary.

Hens – Got 3 hen eggs today. I am now down to 10 hens, 9 adopted brown hens and 1 leghorn called Hatty

Pigs – Have moved Cagney and Lacy into the farrowing barn as Farmer Terry thought that Cagney was going to farrow, I’m not sure myself!!

Quail – Had an egg bound quail today but unforunately she didn’t make it which was very upsetting. Took an order for 10 boxes of quail eggs for The Pipe and Glass at South Dalton.