Daily Farm Update At Farmingfriends 08/03/09

Cats – Have been trying to look at Stripe’s paws to see if there is anything wrong with his foot.

Cattle – Three heifers have been put in one of the pens so that they are easy to laod for market tomorrow.

Ducks – The ducks are enjoying the wet weather and spashing about in the puddles! Got 6 duck eggs again.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl try to take shelter when it rains or snows heavily.This afternoon it snowed quite heavily and I dashed out to get the guinea fowl and hens in and then as soon as they were in the hut it stopped snowing!!

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness half a banana and he really enjoyed it.

Hens – Got to hen eggs and another one was broken in the nest. Wehn I put the ducks away tonight the hens thought it was time to come back out as they had been in the hut since it had snowed.

Pigs – Received a phone call from one of our friends saying that some of the pork that they had from us was delicious and worth a phone call to thank us. How nice is that! We had pork brawn as a roast dinner today and it was delicious.

Quail – The quail came rushing up to me today. I think they thought that I might have some vegetables.

2 thoughts on “Daily Farm Update At Farmingfriends 08/03/09”

  1. Hi Wildlife Gardener,
    Great to hear from you. It is interesting to hear that your family were farmers on the Orkney Islands. What did they farm was it livestock, arable or both?
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. What an interesting life, working with all the animals and the fowl on the farm. My parents (when young) and my Grandparents were farmers in the Orkney Islands, so I like to read about what’s happening on your farm 🙂

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