Feeding Quail

Feeding quail – quail can eat ordinary layers pellets but they do prefer the pellets if they are small pellets. You can also get quail mini pellets so if you ask your local feed merchant or farm store they may be able to get them for you if you want to feed your quail this. I believe that the quail mini pellets are more expensive.

Quail also need grit and love to eat lettuce, chopped apple and brassicas.

They also love millet and meal worms is a real treat for them.

I have large feeders in the quail barn and fill them up regulary but not everyday and the quail just help themselves to the dry food. I also have garden trays with grit in and when the grit is fresh the quail love to sit in the tray.

There is a section on quail on the forum http://farmingfriends.com/forums/forum.php?id=3

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