Guinea Fowl Start Laying – Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 26/03/09

Well how exciting or should I say eggciting! Sorry couldn’t resist. The farmingfriends guinea fowl have now officially started to lay eggs this season. Yesterday I collected eggs from the hut and there was a small mis-shapen egg with guinea fowl colouring and I thought it was a guinea fowl egg but not certain. Today I found a guinea fowl egg on the lawn.

Cats – Well all of the cats except Snowy and Stripe have had the sniffles. The ferral tom cat is only young and doesn’t seem well at the moment and I think he has passed it onto Fluffy, Spot and Snowball although the three of them are on the mend.

Cattle – The calf has continued to be treated and seems ok but keeping a close eye on it.

Ducks – Got 6 lovely clean duck eggs this morning. I moved the nests in the hut as I thought the old nests had mites and the ducks have instantly moved to the new nest sites. Clever ducks!

Guinea Fowl One guinea fowl egg collected today on the lawn! Some of the females are lingering near their newly scratched out nest sites so more eggs on the way!

Guinea Pig – Guiness has settled well in the aviary although I haven’t let him run around with the quail yet. Will do at the weekend.

Hens – No hen eggs in the hut this morning. Wonder where they are laying their eggs? None in the pig barn either.

Pigs – Well Cagney and Lacy still haven’t farrowed yet although they do have more milk so shouldn’t be too much longer!

Quail – Got 2 quail eggs from the aviary and am storing them for incubation, infact may even see if I can egg some quail to sit on them – exciting. A few of the quail in the barn are often broody. I think that I might set up the little hospital cage as a nest area. I might put some pebbles in first to encourage one of them to sit.

Other Farming Activities – Muck spreading and drilling still going on.