Incubator Schemes For Schools

Had a really interesting enquiry today asking if I did an incubator scheme for schools. Thanks Belinda for making me aware of these schemes because as a former teacher I think that they are a great idea.

Incubator Schemes involve providing schools with an incubator and fertile hen or duck eggs for hatching. I have found a number of these schemes running in the UK:

Living Eggs – They run this a programme all over the country but it doesn’t say if the scheme is free.

Acorn Farm, part of Knowsley  Cost is £80 plus delivery fee.

Deen City Farm Incubator Scheme – based in London borough of Merton but deliver else where. The cost is over £100.

The Hatch Factor –  based in Devonshire, doesn’t say if  they deliver all over the country but are free of charge.