Runner Ducks Not Eating Or Leaving The Hut

What should you do if your ducks won’t eat and won’t leave the hut and nest? This was the question I received from Kristy;

Hi,Help! I bought 2 Runners about a yr. old. They are terrified of me and stay in the house or nest. Eat very little if at all. It’s been 3 days. Kristy

Hi Kristy,

I am sorry to hear about your runner ducks. My ducks are not very tame although they will
now respond to me calling them.

Do they have a favourite food, if so you could try enticing them out with the food. This
will over time also help them to become tamer as they will come to you if they think you
have their favourite food.

Ducks like greens, lettuce, brassicas & carrots. They like eating snails, slugs and hard
boiled egg yolks is a favourite if you are not selling the eggs.

Do you have a pond area or a large container of water? I don’t have a pond only a couple
of large containers. My ducks love to come to this water and splash about in it and when
I fill it with fresh water and call them they now come running.If your housing is big
enough I would possibly put a large container of water in so that they can dunk their
heads and have a splash about and then gradually move the water outside which may
encourage them to go outside and then they can start foraging for food as well.

There are lots of illnesses that have lack of eating and lethargy type symptoms.

I have found this site that mentions illnesses and symptoms. I would have a look at this list and then maybe
phone the vet if you are concerned and ask for some advice.

You don’t say the gender of the ducks are they male or female? If they are female, are they laying eggs? Have they stopped laying? They could be egg bound so they can’t get the egg out because it has a soft shell or is too large or mis-shapen or they could have gone broody and want to sit on the nest and hatch some eggs.

I hope you find this information useful and that your ducks are not ill and that they
start to come out of their hut. Let me know how you get on.

Just to let you know that I have a free forum with a section on ducks.

Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

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