Saddleback Sow Has 15 Piglets

Lacy, my saddleback sow has had 15 live piglets this afternoon and evening.

This morning she started to carry straw about and then this afternoon when I went to check on her, she was breathing heavily and when I checked her teats she had milk.

Her first piglet was born just before 4pm and she had her last piglet by 7pm. Not bad going. The only problem is that Lacy gets aggressive when she is farrowing and when she had her last litter she snaffled one of the piglets during farrowing and it only lived for about a week whilst I hand fed it. Whilst Lacy is farrowing I have to put the piglets in a box under the lamp. The only problem is deciding when the piglets can be let loose in the farrowing barn with her as she is sometimes aggressive after farrowing. At the moment the piglets are still in the box as I have attempted to put them in with her once but she seemed to want to snaffle them. I am hoping that she will let them join her soon as they need to get the milk from her and the colostrum from her milk as soon as possible. I’ll let you know in the morning how we get on.

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