Sparrowhawk Roosting In Barn Roof

Last night I went out to check on my sows who are due to farrow shortly and after leaving the pig barn I went to see what the cats were up to. Stripe who has an injured leg got chased by Fluffy but I managed to stop Fluffy from getting Stripe, phew! Anyway whilst I was outside I shone the torch into the roof rafters of the barn that houses the bales and doesn’t have any walls. I was thrilled to see a bird that wasn’t a pigeon. At first I thought it was an owl, maybe a tawny owl as I know owls roost in this barn as I have seen their pellets. Anyway it wasn’t an owl, it was a sparrowhawk. I managed to get a few photos although they are quite dark, so I will post them soon. The sparrowhawk didn’t seem to be put off by the torch or the camera flash although eventually I think the bird wanted some peace and flew off very swiftly I might add!

What birds do you have roosting in your barn or outbuildings?

1 thought on “Sparrowhawk Roosting In Barn Roof”

  1. Well I don’t have anything as exciting as a Sparrowhawk (or a barn or outbuilding for that matter!!!) but I have been feeding the birds on my window ledge. Now as I work I have blue-tits that have become so brave they actually tap on the window with their beaks – at first they would fly away as soon as I made an appearance! It keeps me entertained throughout the day 🙂

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