Storing Quail Eggs For Incubation

Well I am collecting and storing quail eggs for incubation as a friend wants some quail chicks for her grand-daughter. It seems that everyone is wanting quail eggs for hatching or quail chicks as I have had an email enquiry and a telephone call enquiry.

Quail Eggs In The Automatic Egg Turner
Quail Eggs In The Automatic Egg Turner

I only have a 13 mixed gender quail in an avairy as well as 80-100 quail hens for laying in a barn. My aviary quail are Japanese quail and I think I have 8 females and 5 males. The males have just started to leave foamballs which are droppings with a foamball on it which signifies that mating is imminent or underway. I have once or twice caught the quail mating and the females are beinning to loose their feathers on the top of their heads where the males grab hold of them!

I have collected about 6 eggs in the last 3 days. The eggs are stored at an angle with the pointed end down and are turned 3 or 4 times a day. Eggs can be kept for about 7 days before incubation, so I will be incubating these eggs in the next few days.

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7 thoughts on “Storing Quail Eggs For Incubation”

  1. I have 2 button quail. One male white, and one female silver. The female is broody and sitting on 5 eggs and I am hoping to get baby buttons in a couple weeks!

  2. the best way to store quail eggs is in an open container… the eggs should never reach tempratures above 30 degreese before they are incubated, and should be turned at least once daily… good luck all.

  3. i have, at the monent…. 7 button quail 2 silver hens, 1 normal hen, two silver males, 2 normal males, my 2 silver hens are broody with about 15 eggs all up. and i also have a pair of normal jap quail whos eggs i am setting under a broody hen (7 eggs)…. these egs are due to hatch on the 18/3/2010.

  4. Hi Sara,
    I have 24 eggs in my incubator at the moment, and I can only fit like 6 more in. And my quail are laying daily, I have a cock and hen golden red breasted chinese painted quail with 2 silver lace hens of the same species, and then I have a cock and hen english white, with a japanese hen and an italian hen. All are together now and a teacher let me use some bark from my school

    Thankyou Junior,

  5. Hi Junior,
    Glad to hear that your quail have started to lay. Mine in the aviary have been laying for abit now and I have collected those eggs for hatching. I managed to collect 19 to put in the incubator.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  6. cool,

    my hens have just started laying I have 4 eggs in the last 2 days, I have 6 quail at the moment I have 3 chinese painted quail in an aviary with 3 budgies and my 3 japanese are in a rabbit run with 1 third of it shelter they are doing very well. Glad to meet you


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