Busy Day On The Farm

Had a really busy day here on the farm getting ready for a weekend away.

I have moved the sows and piglets from the farrowing barn into their normal pig barn and mucked out two pig barns and moved the seven gilts.

I have given both poultry huts a Spring clean with lots of new straw and all their feed pots are full up.

Taken egg turner out of the incubator. Quail eggs are due to hatch Sunday!

I have also made a delivery of quail eggs to Langlands farmshop.

Reading this back it doesn’t sound like I have done that much but, let me tell you it feels like I’ve done alot!

I am leaving my father-in-law in charge of the animals so I have been getting everything ready for him so that it makes the job of feeding the animals easier.

I am going for a bath in a minute then bed, well after I have written instructions for feeding and given the tiny piglets some more milk!