Carolyn’s Khaki Campbell Ducklings

I was delighted to receive a photograph of Carolyn’s four khaki campbell ducklings that hatched from the hatching duck eggs that I sent her from my gaggle of khaki campbell ducks and drake.

Attached a pic of the wee fellows outside the other day in their run. They love it out there in the sun.
Carolyn and family xx
Carolyn's Four Khaki Campbell Ducklings
Carolyn's Four Khaki Campbell Ducklings

My ducks love to sit in the sun, these ducklings are obviously a chip off the old block!

Carolyn bought 6 khaki campbell duck eggs for hatching from me back in mid March and they hatched over the Easter weekend much to the delight of her family.

Hello Sara!
Completely forgot to let you know in all our excitement about our ducklings that hatched on Friday….4 little ducklings, successfully broke out….. we are thrilled with the 4 we do have! Best Easter present ever and its my birthday tomorrow too!! Carolyn xx

I am thrilled that the eggs successfully hatched and it is truely a delight to see the ducklings and hear about their progress. Thanks for sharing the photo of your khaki campbell ducklings Carolyn.