Cattle Go Out To Grass

Today the cattle went out to grass for the first time.

All the cows, the bull and the calves were rounded up in the fold yard passage way this morning whilst I held the gates so they couldn’t all charge out. I have to say it’s scary when all the cows are facing you and you only have a stick between you and them!

Once they were all rounded up then Farmer Ian held them back whilst the gates were removed and then with Farmer Steve and Farmer Terry at the back, the cows were allowed to move forward.

It’s amazing how quickly they move as they seem to know that they are going out to grass. The cows and bull all make a run for it with the calves trotting behind. Once in the field they like to run the full length of the field before they settle down to the job of munching the grass. Whilst the cows are running up the back field the farmers get the electric fence in position and switched on.

When the guinea fowl were turned out to free range for the day, they didn’t seem happy that the cattle were in the field that they like to visit and eat grass and lay eggs in the hedgerow, but I’m afraid they’ll all just have to get along!