Handling Quail Chicks

Yes you can handle quail chicks. The more that you handle them the tamer they will be if you want to have tame quail. You can start by getting the chick to eat chick crumbs from your hand. if you do try to hold the chicks you need to be careful about their legs. I usually cup them gently with two hands. if you talk quietly to the chick it will get used to your voice and then will respond to you when you call it.

Japanese Quail Chicks
Japanese Quail Chicks

Handling Quail requires;

* Lots of time – frequent and daily contact is needed.
* Daily contact with the quail chicks – frequently handling, feeding, playing and talking to the keets throughout the day.
* Frequent handling of the quail chicks – at least 3 times a day.
* Hand feeding the quail chicks – placing chick crumbs or lettuce on your hand and letting the keets eat from the hand.
* Letting the quail chicks associate you with feeding – call the chicks when you want to feed them and then let the keets feed from your hand.
* Time to play with the quail chicks – handle the keets gently, let them get used to your hands and being picked up or stroked.

Let me know any tips you have for handling quail.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been thinking for some time about getting quail. I really want to keep them free range but have heard this can be a dissaster. Does anyone have any advise?


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