Hugo House Quail Eggs Sent To Helene At Countryside Connection

I sent some of my Hugo House quail eggs to Helene at Countryside Connection recently as a surprise gift for all the effort she has put into making me feel welcome as a member of her rural business website.

Hugo House Quail Eggs
Hugo House Quail Eggs

Here is Helene’s response;

Thanks to your kindness, we had a fantastic lunch on Saturday! I cut out large circles from a loaf of granary bread, toasted the circles then topped each with spinach wilted in a very small amount of olive oil. Each circle was then topped with two fried quail eggs and covered lightly with a homemade cheese and mustard sauce. Alan and I loved it! Today the remaining eggs are being hard boiled to top spinach salads with crispy bacon and crumbled eggs.

I am pleased that Helene and her husband enjoyed the quail eggs as I know that they are partial to these tiny yet flavoursome eggs and delighted that Helene told me how she used the quail eggs.