Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs Hatch Out

I am delighted to have heard from two of my customers and farmingfriends to say that the khaki campbell duck eggs for hatching I sent them in the post have now hatched out.

Hello Sara!
Completely forgot to let you know in all our excitement about our ducklings that hatched on Friday….4 little ducklings, successfully broke out. One was already dead in shell….probably stopped at about 20 days, and one just didn’t make it out….late developer…few days behind and just didn’t make it. Very sad but we are thrilled with the 4 we do have! One question now…is there any pattern at all with the colouring of the ducklings as to whetherthey are boys or girls. I didn’t think there was but one of ours distinctively has a stripe across its eye and is larger….could it be that is a boy and the others are girls? Or am I just hopeful?!!! Will send you a photo later on when the sun is shining into the kitchen so it is warmer for them without their light. Best Easter present ever and its my birthday tomorrow too!! Carolyn xx


Thanks very much. The first lot of eggs I got from you are doing very well, Andy.

I am delighted for Carolyn and Andy. Carolyn is obviously thrilled by her ducklings and Andy must be pleased too as he has just placed another order. Thanks Carolyn and Andy. Good luck with your ducklings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy my ducks. Let me know how they progress.