Quail Eggs Hatch In Incubator

I have had 19 Japanese quail eggs in the incubator. Japanese quail eggs should take about 17 days to hatch out. Click here for incubator information for Japanese Quail.

Monday night was day 17 and when I went to bed I could see that a few of the quail eggs had begun to pip. By Tuesday morning (6.30am) one of the quail looked like it had just hatched out. By mid morning there were about 4 and then by teatime I have 9 quail.

I am leaving them in the incubator until Wednesday morning so that they are all dried out and that any of the other eggs have a chance to hatch out.

It is fine to leave the quail in the incubator for the first 24 hours as they absorb a yolk sac just before hatching which gives them food for the first 24 hours.

The quail will then be moved to a brooder with a heat lamp, chick crumbs, warm water in a drinker with marbles to stop them from drowning and straw on the floor both to keep them warm and to prevent splayed legs.

Once they are out of the incubator I will get a photograph of the Japanese quail chicks, so watch this space.

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2 thoughts on “Quail Eggs Hatch In Incubator”

  1. Hi Junior,
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes you can handle quail chicks. The more that you handle them the tamer they will be if you want to have tame quail. You can start by getting the chick to eat chick crumbs from your hand. if you do try to hold the chicks you need to be careful about their legs. I usually cup them gently with two hands. if you talk quietly to the chick it will get used to your voice and then will respond to you when you call it.

    There is no reason why your lone chick won’t survive if the chick has heat, water and chick crumbs to eat and a safe place to live, if the chick is healthy.

    The length of incubation depends on the type of duck eggs but is generally 28 days. http://farmingfriends.com/incubating-duck-eggs/
    Khaki campbell duck eggs take 28 days
    Indian runner ducks take 28 and a half days http://farmingfriends.com/incubating-indian-runner-duck-eggs/
    Muscovy ducks take 35-37days to hatch http://farmingfriends.com/incubating-muscovy-duck-eggs/
    Mallard duck eggs take about 26 and a half to 27 days to hatch. http://farmingfriends.com/incubating-mallard-duck-eggs/

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. thats great, I had 2 hatch out of 6 eggs 1 died that night. I only have 1 at the moment that was sunday.

    I have 3 questions :
    1.can you handle quail chicks?
    2.Do you know whether my loner chick will live?
    and finally
    3.how long does it take duck eggs to hatch?

    thing is I have 6 duck eggs in the incubator, I have had a chick die of being alone and I like my quail to be tame . If you can answer these that would be great

    kind regards,


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