Saddleback Sow Farrows 16 Piglets

Well on Wednesday night my other saddleback sow Cagney farrowed 16 piglets which did not have to be put in a box as she is the most gentle natured pig you could ever wish to meet and she pigged them without any problems and no aggression.

When I went to feed the sows at tea time I noticed her breathing had got quicker so I knew it would be soon, especially having just seen Lacy pig her piglets the night before. By midnight I was beginning to think that it was a false alarm and decided to come in and do some work on the computer. At 1.30am I went back out and still no sign so decided to go to bed but set my alarm for an hour later. I managed to drag myself out of bed about 3.15am, to find 5 piglets already suckling at Cagney’s teats. I stayed out in the farrowing barn to make sure that she continued to farrow without any problems, which she did and she finally finished about 7am, just as it was time to get up!!!

As you can imagine after two nights of staying up with my pigs I was ready for some sleep, which I have been trying to catch up on.

I am also feeding one of Lacy’s piglets and one of Cagney’s piglets to make sure that they get enough milk as there aren’t enough teats for all the piglets.

2 thoughts on “Saddleback Sow Farrows 16 Piglets”

  1. Hi Topveg,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
    Yes I am amazed too at the size of the litters. What a great tip for feeding lots of piglets. It is a good job my sows are good mothers. The piglets have been fighting each other to get at the teats though.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Hi Sara

    That is amazing – 2 big litters – from a breed which is not famous for large litters! You have certainly got the magic touch!

    It is a nuisance when there are more piglets than teats.

    I remember splitting the litter, so that half had a go at feeding, whilst the other half slept in a box. It was very tiring swapping them over several times a day.

    Glad your sows are good mothers – hope you have had a chance to recover!

    Good luck to you all

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