Training Saddleback Pigs To Go Into A Trailer

I am currently training my seven saddleback gilts to go into the trailer as they are not used to being loaded into a trailer. I have introduced them to the trailer by placing their food on the door and in the trailer so that it will entice them into the trailer. This is the third feed in the trailer and five of them have gone fully into the trailer and on this occasion the other two gilts have stepped onto the door to go into the trailer so it’s looking good for loading the pigs on Monday morning!

It always amazes me how quickly pigs learn to do something. This sort of exercise also shows the different personalities of the pigs as some are much more assertive and curious and some will stand back and are shy and nervous.

Do you have any stories about training your pigs to go into a trailer?

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2 thoughts on “Training Saddleback Pigs To Go Into A Trailer”

  1. Hi Louise,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Yes some of the pigs just sense where they are going!
    Pigs are so clever.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Such cute piglets on the book cover. I do have memories of our pigs being loaded into the trailer when being sent off to the slaughterhouse. Some pigs would do their very best not to get on. They either didn’t like the truck or somehow sensed where they were going! x

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