Ducklings Chirping In Shell

It is always a good sign to hear a duckling chirping in the shell as it means that the duckling will soon be hatching.

I’m hatching cayuga duck eggs for the first time in a home incubator,their at 26 days and I can hear one chirping from inside the egg quite a lot,does this mean its distressed?

Hi Kerry,

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No I don’t think that the chirping means it’s distressed. I think that ducklings  start to chirp once they start to hatch as a way of communicating with the other ducklings and the duck.

The chirping is a good sign as it indicates that the duckling is alive and is starting to hatch out of the shell.

I have read that quail chicksfor example will communicate with one another in the shell so that they can sychronise their hatch.

Good luck with the hatch. Let me know how they get on.

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Sara @ farmingfriends

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