Found Large Amount Of Guinea Fowl Eggs In Nest

My guinea fowl hens like to share nests and lay their eggs in the undergrowth and large nettle patches. If I take the eggs, even though I may leave some in the nest to encourage them to continue laying they will after a week or so move on to a new nest.

I have only been finding about 4-8 eggs a day in the last 4-6 days and wondered where the others had been laying their eggs. I had heard the noise that the guinea hens make when they lay an egg for a few days running, so on Sunday night I went to investigate the area where I thought the noise had come from and sure enough there in the middle of a patch of weeds, under an old farm implement was a nest of guinea fowl eggs. This morning I counted the eggs as I placed a pencil mark on them . I have left them in the nest to encourage the guinea fowl hens to continue to lay there but have marked them with a small pencil spot so that I can collect the new eggs. That is until the magpies and crows find the nest and take the eggs and the guinea fowl move their nest site.