Newly Hatched Duckling Just Sleeps

The hatching process takes alot out of a duckling which is not surprising when they have to break through the hard shell of the egg.

I helped my duckling but it just sleeps there and when i put it in the brooder the other duck pecks it. I dont know what to do. ive separated them

Hi Andy,

I hope that your little duckling is now doing ok. I tend not to let them out of the incubator for 24 hours so that they have time to dry out. They don’t need food and water at this time as they are still absorbing their yolk sac.

Make sure the duckling has plenty of heat and straw to snuggle into and keep warm. Make sure the duckling know where the water is and the food.

My husband’s uncle is a duck farmer and sometimes when a duckling is not doing so well. They carefully place the duckling in a bucket of water and let it have a swim and this seems to revive it. You would need to watch the duckling doesn’t sink or get waterlogged as the waterproof glands on the feathers of a duckling are not developed until the duckling grows the adult feathers.

Good luck with your duckling. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Let me know if it’s ok.

If you have any advice for Andy about his newly hatched duckling then please leave a comment.

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