Quail Chicks Not Developing Like The Other Chicks

I am often emailed about quail chicks that are struggling to stand and are not developing like the other chicks.

Dear Sara. Can you help me sort this problem. I have two one week old japanese quail which were healthy when hatched and standing, over the last few days I have noticed a change they are not standing or walking their legs are not splayed they are feeding but not growing very quick like the others. Cheers Tony

Without veterinary training and seeing the chicks it is very difficult to diagnose what is the matter but here is my response.

Hi Tony, thanks for your enquiry. I am sorry to hear that you have two chicks that are
not developing as well as the others.

Have you noticed the droppings on the two that are not standing up as well? Droppings are a good indication of illness. Milky white runny droppings could be an indication of
coccidiosis and if the birds look off colour then this could be it. You can get feed with a coccidiostat in it to help prevent coccidiosis but if they have it then they will need treatment.

There is also an illness called trichomonisis which is a parasite which makes the quail droopy and ill looking and treatment can also be given for this in the water.

It could also be a deficiency which is causing the legs to be weaker which could be due to a deficiency of Vitamin D.

If you have a good vet close by then you could ring them for advice. I have found my vets to be very helpful and it doesn’t always require a visit to the vets as some will give advice over the phone without acruing a fee.

I would also make sure that they are getting enough water and food. You could give them some lettuce as quail like shredded lettuce. Chicks can often die of dehydration or not getting enough food, so I would help them to find the food and water and make sure they are eating and drinking.

Hope this helps. Good luck and let me know how they get on.

I have a quail forum that you may find interesting/helpful.

If anyone else has come across  quail chicks not standing, not walking and not developing as quickly as the other chicks and knows what might be the matter then leave leave a comment.

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  1. I have found this with chicks helped out of the shell. Both chicks I helped out don’t have very good neck or leg power. They cannot move around do sort of crawl. I place in a small tub 2″ dia round so there head rests on the side and when they stretch there legs they touch the side and stand without falling gambolling. This has helped strengthen the legs. I use a tiny syringe where I can feed water. Day 2. Slight improvement

    By day3/4. May need to cull.

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