Sallie’s Day Old Pheasant Chicks

One of my “farmingfriends” and regular farmingfriends forum members has sent me some photos of her 1 day old pheasant chicks.

Sallie's Day Old Pheasant Chicks
Sallie's Day Old Pheasant Chicks
Sallie's Day Old Pheasant Chicks
Sallie's Day Old Pheasant Chicks

Here is Sallie’s email that accompanied the photos.

Above are two photos of the pheasant chicks.  Yet again I have 3 with splay legs but have now used the trusty elastoplast to correct that.  The little dark one is now hopping about like mad.  We have had 2 white pheasants hatch, goodness knows where they came from as we have not white ones on the shoot!!!   Sadly not one of the golden pheasants survived hatching.  We don’t know why they had problems as the normal pheasant eggs all hatched bar one.  Kevin did not wash the golden eggs in vircon so he thinks maybe they got something from the egg but the others in the same incubator were fine so a mystery!!   Will send more photos as the little things grow.   Kind regards     Sallie.

It is interesting to here about other’s experiences with hatching and particularly pheasants hatching as I have never hatched pheasant my self.

If you have any photos of pheasant chicks and experiences of pheasants hatching that you would like to share then please leave a comment.

Here is a book about Modern Pheasant Rearing:

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