Sparrow Eggs Found

I received an email about founding sparrow eggs.

Hi, my dad found 11 sparrow eggs. We dont know how old they are. 5 were in one nest. 4 in the other and the last 2 in the third. there is no mom. Is there a possibilaty that they will hatch? If so, how do i keep them warm without an incubator? Lexi

Hi Lexi,

Thanks for visiting farmingfriends website and sending your email.I have read that sparrow eggs incubate for 12-14 days before hatching.You can keep the eggs warm by placing them in a box in the airing cupboard. You can create some humidity by placing a damp cloth inside the box but not on the eggs. If you don’t put the box in an airing cupboard then you could place a lamp over the box to get the heat from the bulb. The eggs also need to be turned 3/4 times a day. Make sure that the pointed end is facing down.

Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.

Kind regards

Sara @ farmingfriends

If anyone has any advice about what to do when you find sparrow eggs then I would like to hear from you.

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  1. Hi,
    My cat brought an egg home. I’ve put it in a bucket with some hay in it. Was this the right thing for me to do, and will it have any chance of survival?

    If so, what do I do while it is an egg, or when it has actually hatched?
    Thank you. Any help will do.


  2. I found a birds egg on the bird feeder tray. (Were the bread goes.) It looks like it was stuck to the sparrow then fell off. The mother has not taken it back so I took it in. At the moment i have it on a damp cloth under a lamp. Is there any-way to tell wether it is alive without candling as I don’t have a torch. I’ve been turning it occaisionally. Also, does it need to be turned throughout the night?

  3. i have 4 sparrow eggs need exact temperature to icubate and humidity i know the basics and i think im doing all right since the embryos are growing constantly, but just want to make sure cause whenever i look on other sights it doesnt really help cause the usual reply is that its illegal to incubate sparrow eggs when i have read the migratory bird act that says that sparrows are inasive species and therfor not protected by law. i have raised 4 other sparrows, that in a week ill be releasing, but they were already hatched when i found them, theyr mother im guessing was killed by my cat (hate it when she leaves dead birds and rabbits in the garage). ive raised them successfully but never from eggs. any tips will be appreciated. i think the eggs will hatch i a couple of days now…

  4. I provided a link to a site where you can find feeding help after the bird hatch.

    It is very unlikely that they will hatch, but in order for them to even have a chance, put a lamp over them and keep them at 72 degrees and turn them every 2-4 hours. Keep a damp cloth under the eggs and keep them comfortable.

    When they hatch depends on how old they are. Once the egg is layed, they hatch in two weeks.

  5. hi i went outside earlier and found 2 sparrow eggs laying on the ground. The mother had a nice nest and it was shredded to pieces and the eggs were laying on the ground. There was 3 but now there is only 2 left one broke. I feel bad for the mother but Have no clue which on is her and where she went I haven’t seen her. Any way I planned on hatching the eggs for her then when they are old enough letting them go into there natural habitat. My questions are:
    How do I hatch them with out an Incubator?
    When will they hatch?
    What do I feed them?
    And how old do they have to be before I can let them go and will they know what to do in the wild?
    Big question right now is how in the world do I hatch them and what do I feed them when they hatch….. Thank you Ashley

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