A Visit To See Five Saddleback Weaners I Sold Locally

I was delighted to receive a phone call on Monday from Belinda and Gregg who bought 5 of my Saddleback weaners just over a week ago. They had found my advert for the pigs on the internet yet only lived in a neighbouring village, what a small world the world wide web can be!

Belinda And Gregg's Five Saddleback Weaners
Belinda And Gregg's Five Saddleback Weaners

A week last Friday Belinda and Gregg came to the farm and chose their three gilts and two boars who were going to live in a big enclosure in a field with a couple of arks.

It was lovely to receive an invitation to go and see them so without hesitation this morning I went to visit the five weaners and Belinda and Gregg, (who I have to say I didn’t know until they enquired about the pigs).

The pigs enclosure is great – it is large and is fenced in and has a couple of arks in it with plenty of straw. They have a long trough with their water in which Belinda and Gregg fill up twice daily. They have two mexican hat troughs for the food which they are fedd twice a day. The field has lots of long grass for the weaners to run about in and a small wallowing pool for hot sunny days. Belinda and Gregg have hose piped in water to the enclosure so that it is easy to get water to fill up the pigs drinker and wallowing pool.

When I arrived and we went down to the enclosure we couldn’t see the pigs straight away. They were sleeping in their ark and were happy to stay laid down when we approached. Belinda and gregg have been rubbing the pigs and so the weaners love laying put and having their tummy’s rubbed. They also have a hand brush to give them a brush which they also like. The weaners didn’t seem to be frightened of me which was good and I like to think that they recognised me or at least my smell!

The content five eventually and quite reluctantly left their ark and wandered across to the wallowing pool and an area where they had been rooting and began to root about, rub their bodies in the mud and play fight.

It was great to see the weaners in their new home and to see them so happy and content. It was a great morning, so thanks Belinda and Gregg for inviting me.

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