Customer’s Guinea Fowl Eggs Hatch

I was delighted to receive an email at the weekend from Maria, one of my farmingfriends customers who ordered some guinea fowl eggs for hatching, telling me that her guinea fowl eggs had started to hatch.

Hi Sara,
Just wanted to say that the eggs started hatching and so far we have 3 x grey and 1 x white keets…all very happy and healthy….fingers are crossed that maybe a few more will hatch but if not we are very happy with the result and the keets are real  little poppets!  ….I’ve been trying to get hold of guinea fowl eggs for several years with no success, so thank you so much, also for the ebook….very handy !
I’ll keep you posted.
Many thanks and kind regards Maria

I am always pleased to hear that the hatching eggs have successfully hatched.

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