How To Stop A Hen Being Broody

A broody hen is a hen that wants to sit on a nest of eggs so that they hatch out.

Broody Hen
Broody Hen

* If you do not want to let a hen sit on a nest, then it is a good idea to remove the hen from the nest as soon as possible (night time is a good time to do this).
* Sometimes it is necessary to put a broody hen in a broody coop.
* A broody coop is a small cage or box which has a wire or slatted bottom to discourage the hen from sitting in the coop as there is no material for nesting.
* A broody coop can be suspended from the ceiling of the poultry hut so that the hen is not removed from the other hens completely.
* Food and water must be provided in the coop.
* After a few days the broody hen can be returned to the rest of the flock.

How do you discourage your hens from being broody?