Quail Egg Markings

Did you know that an individual quail hen is supposed to lay eggs with the same or similar markings everytime?

I read this a while ago but wasn’t sure if it was the case as it’s hard to tell when you have a lot of quail which quail hen is laying which egg.

I do have 13 quail in an aviary and so decided to leave their eggs in the aviary for two days and see what eggs I got.

Similar Quail Egg Markings
Similar Quail Egg Markings

I did notice that about four or five of the eggs had similar markings. The two eggs in the photo were the best example of looking similar, so although not really a scientific experiment, I would say that there is some truth in the theory that each individual quail hen lays eggs with their own individual markings that are the same or similar.

Have you noticed this on your quail eggs?

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4 thoughts on “Quail Egg Markings”

  1. Hi Sara,

    I have also discovered with my own quail that they usually lay in the same place aswell!!

  2. thanks a lot ! I never knew that and it helps me figure out who’s eggs are who’s. Thanks!:)

  3. Hi Sara,
    I found that out last year and it certainly is true. Ever since that I’ve hatched some quail and put the chicks that had the same shell marks with the same mother in seperate pens of daddy, mommy and babies. And the adults took the chicks in but sadly one chick died of being killed because it got in the wrong pe 🙁

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