Quail Leave The Farm

Recently I had an enquiry from someone wanting some quail to put in their aviary with their other birds. Quail are a good bird to have in an aviary as they will pick up the seeds that fall to the ground.

Four Japanese quail That Are Five Weeks Old
Four Japanese Quail That Are Five Weeks Old

I had four japanese quail left from the nine I had hatched recently and the gentleman wanted a few quail hens for his aviary. My quail were nearing 6 week old. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure of their gender. A couple of them looked like they might be male and the other two looked like females.

Quail hens start to lay from 6 weeks so in the next week or so  the quail hens will start to lay and the customer will know how many males and females he has. I have said that if there are more males than they want then they can return them.

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