Visiting Neighbouring Pig Farm

The other weekend we went to visit one of our friends and neighbours.

Daniel has pigs on his farm and here are some of the weaners in the pens he has set up for the pigs.

Daniel's Weaners

Daniels pigs
Daniels pigs
2 of Daniel's Weaners
2 of Daniel's Weaners
Daniel's Piglets Hiding In Straw
Daniel's Piglets Hiding In Straw

Daniel has 20 pig feeders for sale. He is located in the York to Hull area so if you are interested in the pig feeders then get in touch.

Weaner feeding at pig feeder.
Weaner feeding at pig feeder.

I enjoyed seeing how Daniel had set up the weaner area in his yard for the piglets. It’s great that they are able to have the choice of being indoor or outdoors and there is plenty of fresh straw to root about in and snuggle into to keep warm and have a good sleep.

If you have pigs or would like advice about keeping and breeding pigs then check out the farmingfriends pig forum.

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3 thoughts on “Visiting Neighbouring Pig Farm”

  1. Hi Stan,
    Thanks for visiting farmingfriends website..
    A great place to get pig equipment is the Machinery sale at York Auction Centre. The next sales are:
    Here is a post I wrote on my website about pig fencing.
    If electric fencing is to be used then the pigs will need to be introduced to it otherwise the pigs will find a way to get through it or will get in a panic. You need to educate the pig about the electric fence and when doing this place an electric fence in front of a wall or stock fence so that you can contain the pigs as you train them. Once the pig has touched the electric fence a couple of times they will realise that they don’t want to go through.

    When you do take the electric fence down you may find that the pigs will not want to go over the area where the electric fence was so try putting straw down where the fence was and the pigs should cross the line or tie ribbon to the electric fence and then when the fence is removed the pigs will realise they can cross as the ribbon has gone.

    Electric fences can be mains operated or battery operated if you are not close to an electricity supply. The mains electric fencing is more reliable and stronger. If just using electric fencing then the pigs will need to have 4 or five wires to keep them in.

    Hope that helps. Look forward to hearing about your pigs when you get them.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Hi All,
    Sorry if i have posted this message in the wrong place, Im going to get some piglets ive got a big enough garden and i have checked all the law and ive got my RPA number now, We have 5 chickens and 2 ducks haha i hear you laughing.
    We live in Leeds in West Yorkshire, and ive tried every where to get hold of some things but there is not many pig farms around us theses days.
    Im looking for Galvinised or metal gates so pigs wont get through the fences, any information about electric fences would be greatfull.
    You can contact me on 07543886102 or email me
    Thank you for reading this.
    Regards Stan.

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