4th July BBQ

I have been invited to a 4th July BBQ here in the UK. I am delighted to be invited as I have never been to a 4th July celebration before and also it was really nice to be asked as Belinda and Gregg are new friends that I met through the farmingfriends website and my saddleback pigs. They found my farmingfriends website in their search for saddleback pigs as I recently had some saddleback weaners for sale. It is amazing what a small world it is as Belinda and Gregg only live a few villages away from me and yet found out about the pigs via the world wide web!
I am delighted that Belinda and Gregg have stayed in touch and have invited me over to see the pigs and we have now been invited to their house for a 4th July BBQ as they are from America, New Orleans. I am going to make a large meringue so that I can take a strawberry pavlova to theres as we have a strawberry farmer in our village so I am going to get some fresh strawberries from him. So I’d better be off now to make the meringue as it takes an hour to cook!

What are you doing for the 4th July Celebrations?