Advice When Duck Is Limping

I was emailed by a farmingfriends friend asking for advice about her duck who has started limping.

Hi Sara

I have not been on the website for a while but my duckling pictures are on your Duck Gallery.  sox my black and white duck (supposedly a khaki but obviously not) started limping yesterday afternoon.  All 5 ducks have free roam of the garden when we are home so we immediately penned them.  We managed to catch her and it doesn’t seem particularly hot or swollen so I am guessing it’s a sprain.  We put them into their house earlier than usual at 9pm and didn’t let them out til 8am.  She didn’t limp at first so the rest obvoiusly helped but as she walked around the pen it’s returning.  I am guessing she just needs rest.  She would panic if kept away from the others and just squack and get stressed so I wondered about putting her in the smaller rabbit run with another duck for company for a while?  We thought we’d try to let her in one of the kids plastic ponds we use for a bit too. I don’t think there is much point in consulting a vet as there are no signs of cuts on the leg?

Do you have any other tips for me please?  She’s eating and drinking fine.


Hi Lorraine,
Good to hear from you and glad you came back to farmingfriends. I am sorry to hear about Sox and her leg. One of my ducks was limping for a while and like you I would let them out later and get them in earlier to give her leg a rest. I even kept them in one day as they have a large hut. The more you can get her to rest the better but I found that it did take a few weeks for the limping to stop.
I don’t know if you have any concrete paths in the garden where they roam but this can sometimes affect their legs as it is hard on their feet so maybe restricting where they can go might help so that they are only walking on soft ground.
I am afraid that it will be just time and patience that will heal her leg if she has caught it on something or injured it in someway.
Glad to hear there are no signs of cuts or infection as this could lead to bumblefoot. Does she have any lumps or calluses on her feet?
Keep me posted as to her progress.
Just to let you know that the farmingfriends duck forum is very popular now and we have a number of regualr duck members who share info about their ducks.
kind regards
sara @ farmingfriends

Do you have any advice about when a duck is limping, if so we would be interested to hear from you.

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