Broody Guinea Fowl

My guinea fowl are currently laying eggs in a nest close to the house which is great for me when I want to collect the eggs. I have left an old egg in the nest so that it encourages the guinea hens to continue to lay. At certain times through the day there might be four guinea fowl sitting on the nest waiting to lay their eggs, with another couple of guinea fowl hens waiting near by to go to the nest when it is free.

Broody Guinea Fowl Hens Sitting On Nest Of Guinea Fowl Eggs
Broody Guinea Fowl Hens Sitting On Nest Of Guinea Fowl Eggs

The guinea hens make a high pitched cry when they lay their egg, which suggests to me that it hurts them when they lay their egg, although I’m not surprised as the shell of a guinea fowl egg is very hard.

The male guinea fowl sit around close to the nest or stand guard nearby and call out if a human dares to go anywhere near them!

At night when I round up the guinea fowl to go into their hut, I have found two guinea fowl sitting on the nest who are obviously broody and do not want to come off the nest.

As the nest site isn’t a place that can be covered over to keep the guinea fowl hens safe, I have to disturbed the guinea hens, which they do not like. They will hiss and peak aggressively at anything that goes near them, but eventually they come off their nest but they don’t like it and signify this by calling out their warning call.

I would love to get some of my guinea fowl hens to sit on their eggs and to hatch them off but I am not willing to do this at the risk of losing my guinea fowl females and when I have managed to put a run over them in the past they always end up getting off the eggs within an hour of me putting the run there.

Have you had any luck getting your guinea fowl hens to sit and hatch some of their eggs?

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