Can Guinea Fowl Tell If Eggs Are Fertile?

I have been asked an interesting question about whether a guinea fowl hen can tell if the eggs she is sitting on are fertile.

My guinea fowl’s mate died about two months ago, but she’s been laying on eggs for a few weeks now. Would she be able to tell if her eggs were infertile? We also have chickens, is it possible she could have taken over one of their nests? Sydney

Hi Sydney,
Thanks for your question about guinea fowl sitting on eggs. I was under the impression that hens can tell if the eggs are fertile as they can feel movement in the latter stages of incubation, but I could be wrong.

I wonder if the eggs that she is sititng on are the hens, maybe you can move the guinea hen abit to see as I know from experience it takes alot to disturb a guinea fowl hen once she has gone broody so just lifting up her feathers to see the eggs may not disturb her, but I would use a long stick to do this as she may be aggressive and the peck of a broody guinea fowl hurts!

Any eggs that your guinea fowl hen lays are not likely to be fertile if she is not running with any guinea fowl and you say that her mate died 2 months ago which I am sorry to hear.

I posted your question on my forum here and one of the members Sarah posted a reply. My ducks definitley sorted out was was good and what wasn’t. They put the unviable ones under the straw as if they were burying them and left them to go cold. Being their first brood, they did unfortunately leave two eggs in the nest that had gone off, but i think that may be because they laid so many in the first place. None of the eggs they discarded were viable. Sarah L
Hope this helps. Let us know how she gets on.

Kind regards
sara @ farmingfriends

If you have any experience of guinea fowl or other poultry working out which eggs are fertile then please leave a comment.

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  1. That’s a very interesting question, Sara. I am so ignorant about guinea fowl and their habits. I love their feathers and use them for making collages. I have a friend who lets me gather the ones left behind on her ground.

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