Guinea Fowl Calling Out

On Monday night I rounded up my guinea fowl, hens and ducks into the poultry hut.

The hens are the easiest to get in as they want to go in earlier than all the rest and are very friendly and come running up to me when they see me so when I go out to do my nightly round up of the poultry the hens just follow me to the hut.

The ducks also come to the hut when I call them and usually manage to go straight in although I do have to keep my distance otherwise we do a couple of circuits around the hut.

During the Summer months the guinea fowl hang about in small mating groups and all have their own routine and route during the day so can be in different places at night. I have a special call which brings the guinea fowl to the hut and then I count them in. If the guineas don’t respond to the call then I go and round them up and drive them to the hut with some long sticks.

On Monday night I got the hens and ducks in without a problem and then I counted in 21 guinea fowl. 7 guineas were somewhere on the farm so I went to locate them. I found them way down the back field so I thought that I would go to feed the pigs whilst they walked closer to the hut.

After feeding the pigs I headed in. Haven’t you forgotten something I hear you cry now.  I was watching TV for a while and then just as I was sitting down to have tea I heard the guinea fowl calling out.

“The guinea fowl are loud, I wonder what’s the matter with them, you don’t usually hear them that loud, ” I said to my husband. His reply was,

“Have you left a guinea out?”

With that the memory of 7 guinea fowl wandering about the back field came back to me so out I dashed. By this time the guinea fowl had come up to the hut and were standing in the middle of the orchard calling out. When I approached and spoak to them in a soothing way they stopped calling out. I am convined they were calling out to me to tell me I had forgotten them and they went into the hut without another squawk!

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